Top Reasons Why You Should Buy a Wooden Watch

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Wooden watches are in right now. They may not necessarily be the thing that many people out there gravitate towards, but boy are they popular! Here, we are going to take a look at a few of the top reasons as to why you would pick up a wooden watch. If you think we are missing the other reasons, feel free to add your comments below!


If you read the news, there is often something or other about trees being cut down all over the world. However, if you purchase a wooden watch, you do not need to worry about. You see, most of the wooden watches on the market are actually made from recycled or reclaimed wood. This, basically, means that the wood has been used. Of course, you can also be sure that only the highest quality woods are used in the watches. It is only fair. You do want to look great wearing them, after all!

Wooden Watches


Many people can’t wear standard watches as they can trigger an allergic reaction on the skin. Thankfully, this is not a problem with wood watches as they are hypoallergenic. There will be no irritation on your skin at all!

Staying on this point; there are actually very few people out there who know that their skin is being irritated by the watch. Many people think that they are just wearing their watch too tightly and that is what leads to the red mark on their wrist when they take it off. In more cases than not, this is not the case. You see, that red mark is there because the metal has reacted with your skin. Sure, it is not going to cause you major damage in the majority of cases, but it is probably still something that you do not want to happen too often!

Wooden Watch


Wooden watches are unique. Obviously, watches are not just about telling the time. They are about standing out from the crowd. You want something that is a bit different from the norm, and that is exactly what a wooden watch is all about. It will be one of the stand out pieces of gear that you wear. The best part is that a good wooden watch can be worn for any occasion. It does not matter whether it is in a casual environment or in a formal environment. They just work!

In our opinion, many of the watches that you find on the market nowadays are very ‘similar’ in appearance. This means that everybody out there will be walking around with roughly the same thing strapped to their hand. Sure, this is fine and all, they can wear whatever they like, however, since wooden watches are new, designers have been able to go to great lengths to change up the way in which they look. The designs that you find in the world of wooden watches will be completely different to what you will find anywhere else. Once again, we want to reiterate that this is what you want. You want something that is completely unique and different to the norm. It just…looks better!


Many of the top wooden watches on the market are completely handmade. The major benefit of this is that no watch out there looks the same. They all have their own unique quirks which makes that watch truly yours! The best part is; when you have a unique watch!


We get it. There are very few people out there who really complain about how heavy their watch is. This is probably because they are so used to how it feels on their wrist. However, take a watch off for a while, then pop it back on. You will quickly realize just how heavy the thing actually is. Sit down for a while and that watch will really start to weigh on you. If you are doing work with your hands, perhaps typing at a computer, then this is going to put an unreasonable amount of strain on your wrists. It is not fun!

As you can probably guess by now; wooden watches are lightweight. You will barely feel them strapped to your wrist. This is fantastic!

Match with any outfit

The problem with metal watches is that, in some cases, you will find it difficult to match the color of the watch to your outfit. This is probably not going to matter all that much if you are just wearing a watch casually, but in a more formal environment it can cause all sorts of problems. In a casual environment, and in most formal environments, a lightly stained watch is going to be more than sufficient. You can get a bit darker for the more formal events, but even that is not going to be a necessity. You really be surprised at just how well the wooden watch is going to go with everything that you own!

They are affordable

Considering that these watches are so unique, and in many cases are hand crafted, you will be surprised at just how affordable they are. Sure, they are not going to be extremely cheap. However, many people who are looking for a quality watch are not going to be down that end of the market. Instead, they want something which is well-made, durable, but will not blow their bank. That is what you get here.

Wooden Watch


Finally, do you have a wedding anniversary coming up? Well, did you know that the traditional 10th wedding anniversary wedding gift is wood? Yep! This means that a watch is going to be an absolutely fantastic gift for that time of year, particularly when it can be tough to find something that looks decent and has been made out of wood!

Now that you know the benefits of getting your hands on a wooden watch, why don’t you go out there and have a look for one? There are plenty on the market. However, we really do urge you to only work with the most reputable suppliers. It is going to make your life a whole lot easier if you go down that route.

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